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Hello World, we’re hedge - which means “to protect”.. you know, in a finance-y way. Become a beta tester and gain exclusive access to our prototype app. Our first app rewards proactive users for engaging with the private sector. Points translate to free money management when our investment app is released in 6 months time, so that our community can invest in companies that are building a better future.

Let’s talk about the private sector. Big companies, make big decisions, affecting little consumers. Everyday. Without transparency. In all the chatter of today’s news, are we blind to the power of big companies?

Let’s talk about citizens. Are you more than a consumer? Demand Transparency. Fight Climate Change. Support Equality. Engage with Innovation.

Let’s talk about hedge. Our prototype app is for passionate citizens. We send you one message one morning in a one minute read about a big decision by a company that affects the thing you care about. We’re a community of engaged citizens: we read the message and we use our voices. You know we hear you, because every time you engage you earn rewards in the countdown to our sustainable investment app launch.