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Hedge is a mobile platform designed to help you grow your money with impact. Our purpose is to widen access to the stock market in a personalised and honest way.

We are launching a prototype app exclusively to our beta testers. Also vote for us at Pitch@Palace!
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Where small change leads, big change will follow

Hedge helps you to tackle student debt, inadequate pensions and the challenging housing market. By rounding up spare change into your personalised investment, Hedge helps you grow your money for a better future.

Empower investment with impact

Hedge is the only investment app to combine your financial and impact goals. Whatever your passion is - climate change, global health, LGBT+ or even space travel - we tailor a portfolio that works for you.
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It doesn’t have to be invest & forget. By showing you how well your investments are doing and how well they align with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, we keep you up to date and engaged.

Our prototype app will be released exclusively to our beta testers at the end of April.